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Campus Climate Survey

Executive Summary

In Fall 2022, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill or University) worked with Campus Climate Surveys LLC’s Viewfinder Survey, a third-party vendor, to administer campus climate surveys to all students, staff, administrators, and faculty.

The surveys asked our campus community members at the time about areas that both enhanced and detracted from their experiences at Carolina with a specific focus on feeling respected, access to resources, and perceptions of safety.

University climate surveys are not static but dynamic, evolving throughout the years; with the intent to keep a pulse on the needs of the community. This initiative aligned with the University’s mission which seeks to advance the strategic plan objectives, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good. The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion spearheaded the surveys to promote a collegiate environment in which all community members feel valued, visible and experience a sense of belonging.

Within this report, findings from the surveys are organized around several key themes.

Download the full report.

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