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BLDG Series

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The BLDG Series, formerly known as Achieving Carolina Excellence (ACE), is a University Office for Diversity and Inclusion’s student engagement initiative. The events within the BLDG (Belonging, Learning, Professional Development, Growth) series are designed to target each of these themes. BLDG events are held on a monthly basis and are open to all students, both undergraduate and graduate students alike.  


BLDG serves as an attempt to streamline the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion’s Student Access, Success, and Engagement (SASE) programs with a focus on student academic, social, personal, and professional success. 


BLDG Goals

  • Promote holistic student success 
  • Create and implement programming that fosters student belonging, learning, professional development, and growth 
  • Support the retention of a diverse student body 
  • Advance the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion’s vision and mission 



BLDG Series Tentative Schedule

Fall 2022 

  • October 13 – Theme: Belonging – Partner: TBD 
  • November 8 – Theme: Belonging and Learning – Partner with Carolina F1RSTS and DSS/Carolina Grad Student F1RSTS to participate in the annual National First-Generation College Celebration  
  • November 10 – Theme: Learning – Partner: Student Wellness 
  • December 8 – Theme: Professional Development – Partner: Career Services or UNC Financial Literacy Consortium 

Spring 2023 

  • February 2 – Theme: Learning (Networking and Etiquette Rules) – Partner: Career Services 
  • February 9 – Theme: Professional Development (Etiquette Dinner with Alumni) – Partner: ACRED (Alumni Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity) 
  • March 9 – Theme: Belonging – Partner: TBD 
  • April 3-7 – Theme: TBD – Partner with The Graduate School/DSS to celebrate Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week  
  • April 13 – Theme: Growth – Partner: TBD