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Meet the Team

Our Vision 

The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion at UNC at Chapel Hill aspires to have all community members feel respected, valued, and visible with the ability to thrive. 

Our Mission 

Our mission for diversity, equity, and inclusion is to celebrate all members of the Carolina community, to broaden our collective understanding, and foster a sense of belonging by uplifting diverse identities, cultures, experiences, and perspectives. To help create and sustain a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and alumni. 


Our Staff

(keh-nuh-DEE burd))

Communications Specialist
(919) 454-6469


Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer
(919) 918-5770

(TRISH HAA-riss)

Senior Director of Education, Operations and Initiatives

(CLO-ee LIP-a-REE-nee)

Director of Education, Community Engagement and Belonging

(yes-EHN-yah PEH-droh vee-SEN-teh)

Assistant Director of Student Access, Success and Engagement

(STAY-see REH-nulds)

Executive Assistant
(919) 962-9700

(TAH-mee SIGH-lur BEL-chur)

Administrative Assistant

(BRAN-dee SIH-mons)

Assistant Director, Education, Community Engagement & Special Initiatives

(bren-duh snipes)

Administrative Support Specialist- Finance


Student Engagement Coordinator
(919) 962-7330

(AH-ree WINE-burg)

Assistant Director of Education, Community Engagement, and Strategic Initiatives