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Ari Weinberg

(AH-ree WINE-burg)

Assistant Director of Education, Community Engagement, and Strategic Initiatives

Ari Weinberg (they/them, she/hers) is the UODI’s Assistant Director of Education, Community Engagement, and Strategic Initiatives. In this role, Ari will support the UODI by developing educational resources and intergroup dialogue programs. Ari brings to this position years of experience in dialogue facilitation, trauma-informed pedagogy, and public history.

Before coming to UNC, Ari taught courses and supported programs at William & Mary. One such program was The Lemon Project: A Journey of Reconciliation, which takes actions to repair harm done to the African American community by the university. Ari designed and implemented dialogues and training on the behalf of the project and helped to connect the local community with William & Mary’s resources. In addition, Ari taught courses about generational trauma and the long-term effects of history on interpersonal, systemic, and organizational dynamics and taught American History to Japanese exchange students through the Keio-William & Mary student exchange program.

Ari is trained in and inspired by the University of Michigan’s Program on Intergroup Relations, a social justice experiential learning philosophy. While at Michigan, Ari was a peer facilitator in their CommonGround program, semester-long courses, and conflict resolution initiatives. They also participated in Growing Allies, an allyship training program.

\Though Ari originally hails from Cleveland, Ohio, they have lived in the Southeastern U.S. since 2015. A self-proclaimed pizza bagel, Ari was raised in a Jewish and Italian home, lighting the Hanukkiah (Menorah) for Hanukkah and making ravioli by hand for Christmas Eve. As a result, they are passionate about interfaith organizing and connecting across differences—especially over a delicious meal.

Ari earned a B.A. in American Culture at The University of Michigan (2014) and an M.A. in American Studies at William & Mary (2017).

Get to Know Ari

Name your favorite podcasts.

I am an avid podcast listener and have many favorites. My most listened to include “Cult Podcast,” “Behind the Bastards,” “You’re Wrong About,” “Maintenance Phase,” “Lights Out,” “Mile Higher,” “Well There’s Your Problem,” and “Mental Illness Happy Hour.”

Best perk of your job?

I have the opportunity to contribute toward intergroup relations, curriculum design, and relationship-building. I believe that strong communities come together when folks invest in them, build trust, and seek meaning together. I also have dynamic, supportive, and brilliant co-workers!

In an alternative universe, what would you do for a living?

I would be a musician, community music leader, and freelance artist. I can also see myself running a bakery that celebrates both my family recipes and those of guest chefs.

Name three things that people would be most surprised to learn about you.

1) I am fascinated by insects and love to observe them in nature. If you need someone to take a rogue spider outside, I’m your person.

2) I play and sing in local music groups.

3) I am an avid fiber arts practitioner, primarily focused on decorative embroidery.

What's on your bucket list?

I want to travel through the MENA and Europe. I also want to learn how to play the Oud, speak Hebrew & Arabic, and sing with some of my favorite music groups and performers.

Whom do you admire...and why?

One of my idols is the scholar and political theorist Hannah Arendt. I am always in awe of community healers including social workers, therapists, and artists. I also admire my family who comprises some of the kindest, most resilient, and most dedicated people I know.