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Portrait of Robin Sansing. Robin is a white woman with wavy brown hair. She is wearing a blue shirt and smiling at the camera.

Robin Sansing


Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Social Work

Robin L. Sansing, MSW, LCSW, is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work. She is an instructor and advisor in the CMPP specialization and oversees CMPP and Generalist internships for the Field Education Office. Robin was recently appointed the School’s inaugural Director of Wellness and acts as Chair of the Wellness Committee. She is a co-founder of Mindful UNC, a community of practice that serves UNC faculty and staff in exploring the intersection of contemplative practices with teaching, research, and service.

Her areas of interest, along with macro social work practice, include contemplative practices in higher education, mindful advocacy, and intraorganizational social justice work. Robin also has a background in clinical practice and is a psychotherapist in private practice based in Chapel Hill.

Get to Know Robin

How do identify yourself?

Cis, white, female, hetero human who was raised Jewish and is aligned with the Shambala Buddhist tradition. In my past, I have been houseless, reliant on government assistance for daily needs, and have found my way forward as a first-generation college graduate and now MSW in service to others.

List three things that would surprise people most about you.

  1. I got my MSW at 42 years old.
  2. I lived in Australia and have done work with groups supporting Indigenous Australians.
  3. I dream of one day doing a triathlon.

Whom do you admire and why?

My adult kiddo, Zoe (she/they). Zoe lives proud and out loud. They inspire me every day.