Rumay Alexander at Carolina Conversation

Since 2015, Carolina Conversations has promoted the campus community’s engagement in important programming, dialogue, and debate in recognition of the rising level of discourse about race, identity, political ideology, and other issues of inclusion across the country. Topics covered have included “First Amendment Protected Speech,” “Implicit Bias & Our Lives,” “Sexual Assault & Our Community,” “Inclusive Classrooms,” and more.

During the past few years, our nation has engaged in a rising level of discourse regarding race, intellectual diversity, religion, identity and culture. These issues also speak to Carolina’s mission. You have made it clear how firmly you believe that our community must continue to champion equality for all of us, no matter our race, culture, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or political belief. We are proud of the way our students, staff, faculty and alumni have engaged with conviction around these issues. It is our deep-seated determination to see every member of our community treated fairly, and with respect; and we want to work with you to make sure conversations about such important issues take place routinely on our campus.

Carolina Conversations, which is now hosted by the University Office for Diversity & Inclusion, is a set of interconnected activities designed to help facilitate, support and encourage these critical conversations. The intent is to include all students (undergraduate, graduate and professional), and staff and faculty from all schools.

The purpose of Carolina Conversations is to acknowledge the need for more and better ways to engage the UNC community, and to facilitate robust and honest dialogue across all our differences. This spring, we are proud to expand upon the Carolina Conversations idea.

Fall 2018:


Accessibility at Carolina: Nothing About Us Without Us

Creating a sense of belonging includes providing accessibility resources on campus for those with disabilities and medical conditions. An overview of Universal Design principles and practices will be provided in addition to hearing themes and stories from students identified in Accessibility Resources & Service (ARS). Facilitated by Tiffany Bailey, director of Accessibility Resources & Service.

October 23, 4:30-6 p.m., Aquarium Lounge, Student Union


Cultivating Belonging Within Intergroup and Collaborative Partnerships

The goal of this session is to share strategies that incorporate belonging into everyday practice, policies and programs where partnerships are involved. The discussion and activities will include identifying what is being done well and where there are opportunities for improvement. Facilitated by Dr. Gloria Thomas, director, Carolina Women’s Center, and Dr. June Merlino, leadership and faculty development coordinator, Center for Faculty Excellence.

November 14, 4:30-6, Aquarium Lounge, Student Union

Archived information on previous Carolina Conversations events can be found here.