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The Carolina Collaborative for Resilience is embarking on a planning year to develop non-clinical support to address identity-based traumas through the use of Resilience Coaches representing units from across UNC.

The Carolina Collaborative for Resilience is charged with providing timely, holistic, student-centered, culturally-responsive, intersectional, and strengths-based support for students who are navigating challenges as a result of identity-based trauma under the premise that students are less likely to “ask for help” within formal systems and instead turn to faculty and staff with whom they share similar backgrounds or life experiences for support.

Resilience Coach

As a Resilience Coach, you will be expected to affirm the race, culture, and identity of all students seeking support. Resilience Coaches will provide a safe space for students to share their stories and will serve as a “bridge” between students and critical campus support units (Office of Dean of Students, CAPS, CHS, Student Wellness, etc.).

Resilience Coaches will receive training related to basic mental health assessment, key academic and financial aid policies, and navigating campus and community support resources.  The Carolina Collaborative for Resilience will be led by Jessica Lambert Ward, MSW with support from and in partnership with the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Uphold FERPA and protect the confidentiality of student stories, as appropriate
  • Affirm the identities of all students
  • Review student support request and provide initial outreach and support within 24-48 hours
  • Support students in exploring opportunities for additional support within the campus community
  • Serve as a bridge to facilitate a connection between students and campus support units. Coordinate referrals to campus support, as appropriate


Resilience Coaches are expected to serve a minimum one-year term. In this pilot phase, it is difficult to know for certain how many student interactions may occur. Each Resilience Coach should anticipate supporting a minimum of 20 students. Individuals should plan to allocate approximately 5 hours per week to this effort in addition to their primary responsibilities. Additionally, Resilience Coaches are required to attend regularly scheduled team meetings (1 hour each month) and trainings (90 minutes; 3 x each year – Fall, Spring, and Summer). Each Resilience Coach is responsible for ensuring that this work does not conflict with the primary responsibilities of their role. We strongly encourage potential team members to discuss this opportunity with their direct supervisor; supervisor support is strongly encouraged.


  • Commitment to advancing social justice and graduation equity for all students
  • Ability to recognize and affirm inherent dignity, value, belonging, and worth of students.
  • As you are aware, students seeking support often share sensitive information. It is important that potential Resilience Coaches are aware of their own emotional triggers and are able to exercise good emotional intelligence and self-care when supporting students.


  • Application Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021
  • Resilience Coach Notification: Late summer


Please direct questions to