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October Diversity News & Announcements

  • THINKposium 2017
  • Latinx Heritage Month Keynote Rosa Clemente
  • Moustafa Bayoumi
  • Carolina Conversations: 1st Amendment
  • UNC Awarded Third Consecutive HEED Award

November Diversity News & Announcements

  • Rumay Alexander Named President, National League for Nursing
  • NPHC Garden Groundbreaking
  • Kristin McGinty Named First Recipient of Karen L. Parker Scholarship
  • Red, White & Carolina Blue Challenge Announced

December Diversity News & Announcements

  • Dean Peragallo Brings Empathy to School of Nursing
  • Black Student Movement: Five Decades of Struggling for Progress
  • MLK Celebration Week Events Announced
  • Tar Heel Preview Day Brings Middle School Students to Campus
  • Carolina Women’s Center Panel Examines History of Women’s Movement
  • Native Narratives at Carolina


January Diversity News & Announcements

  • MLK Week of Celebration: “Voices. Presence. Community.”
  • Diversity Spotlight: Sylvia Frazier-Bowers
  • Generous Gift Supports Jewish Studies at UNC and Beyond
  • Carolina Nurtures Cuban Immigrant’s Future in STEM
  • MURAP Announces Summer Student Fellowships

February Diversity News & Announcements

  • 37th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture and Awards Ceremony Rescheduled
  • 14th Annual African American History Month Lecture
  • Black History Month at UNC
  • Carolina Loses Two Historic Pioneers
  • Chancellor Folt Delivers Keynote Speech at 33rd Annual MLK Memorial Banquet
  • Carolina Conversations: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”
  • UNC System Employee Engagement Survey

March Diversity News & Announcements

  • Loretta Lynch at MLK Lecture: Move Forward by Reflecting on History
  • Unsung Heroes Strive to Even Out the Playing Field
  • Carolina Latinx Collaborative/Campus Y Alumna Succeeds with Pupusa Food Truck
  • Women’s History Month at UNC
  • Honoring Our Bridge Builders
  • Training, Diversifying Next Generation of Health Data Experts
  • Carolina Graduate Student F1RSTS Initiative Helps Students Succeed

April Diversity News & Announcements

  • Spotlight Shines on Advancement of Women Award Winners
  • Asian Pacific American History Month Cultural Celebration Events
  • Diversity & Inclusion Alumna Ronda Taylor Bullock Educates Against Racism with we are
  • Carolina Conversations: “Navigating Unlawful Harassment and Uncomfortable Situations in the Workplace”
  • Dr. Dilworth-Anderson Awarded Pearman Prize for Excellence in Research in Aging
  • Anne Cates, First Female Chair of the Board of Trustees, Reflects on her Carolina Experience

May Diversity News & Announcements

  • 2018 Diversity Award Recipients Honored
  • Commencement Celebrations at Carolina
  • Carolina Conversations: “What Does it Mean to be a Public University?”
  • In Memory of Jonathan Hess

June Diversity News & Announcements

  • Diverse Commencement Celebrations at Carolina (Exitos, the Umoja event)
  • Burcu Bozkurt Receives Soros Fellowship for New Americans

July Diversity News & Announcements

  • Gretchen C. Bellamy Joins Diversity & Inclusion
  • Diversity Spotlight: Sheena Jacobs
  • 2018 UNC Harvey Beech Scholarship Winners Announced
  • Two Carolina Alumni Selected as Pickering Fellows

August Diversity News & Announcements

  • THINKposium announcement
  • Week of Welcome Inclusive Events
  • Diversity Spotlight: Martina Ballen
  • J Kenneth Lee, Former Student Whose Lawsuit Let to Desegregration at Carolina Law in 1949 Has Died
  • Alumnae Camille and Rachel McGirt launch Healthy Girls Save the World to Support Carolina Girls

September Diversity News & Announcements

  • Carolina Conversations
  • THINKposium 2018
  • Message from the Chancellor (Confederate Monument)
  • Diversity & Inclusion calendar of events