Diversity & Inclusion

Defined as holding multiple perspectives without judgment. Dimensions of diversity include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexuality, physical ability, sexual identity, and geography.


The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) builds understanding across differences, creates conditions to ensure the equitable educational and social benefits of diversity, and cultivates a welcoming and supportive environment for undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff, positioning them to reach their greatest potential.

D&I Enriches the Experience for ALL

Prospective & Incoming Students

For high school students, we offer guidance through every aspect of the college choice process. From scheduling a campus visit to the first day of classes, we are here to ensure that every young scholar who dreams of setting out for Carolina will find an encouraging and supportive team awaiting their arrival.

Current Students

Whether it’s orientation, first-year registration, campus life, choosing a major, or celebrating graduation, our experiences allow students to grow their cultural competency, thrive, and make their unique HEELprint. Our programs and initiatives serve as a cornerstone for academic achievement and personal growth.

Faculty & Staff

D&I offers all-encompassing support, from the recruitment and hiring process to identifying research opportunities and facilitating an engaging workplace experience. We initiate and sustain conversations and projects that enrich your professional journey while building an inclusive work environment.

The Carolina Community

Our work extends beyond the Carolina campus. We work with graduating students as they transition into the new experiences that await them. We foster an ongoing network that allows us to connect with alumni, community, business leaders, and external organizations for building pipelines and diversity education.

Meet Our Staff

Alexander-Preffered-10-26-2012-webChief Diversity Officer, Associate Vice Chancellor

G. Rumay Alexander, EdD, RN, FAAN (roo-MAY AA-lik-ZAN-dur)
(919) 966-7767

Gretchen Bellamy headshot

Senior Director for Education, Operations and Initiatives

Gretchen C. Bellamy, JD, LLM (GREH-chen SEE BELL-ah-me)

Josmell headshotcropped
Assistant Director, Multicultural Programs and Carolina Latinx Collaborative

Josmell Pérez, MA (JAH-zmel PEH-rez)
(919) 843-5517

Assistant Director, Education & Special Initiatives

Sharbari Dey, MSW (SHAR-bree day)
(919) 962-7330

Communications Specialist

Adrianne Gibilisco (AH-dree-AN-nee JIH-bih-LIH-sco)
(919) 843-6085

Rachel Tates
Recruitment Programs Specialist

Rachel Tates, BA (RAY-chell TAYTS)
(919) 843-6401

Student Engagement Director

AC Locklear, JD (AY CEE LOCK-leer)

Sontina Greene
Executive Assistant

Sontina Greene, BS, MS (son-TEE-nah green)

Administrative Support Specialist

Taneisha Henderson (tah-NEE-sha HEN-dur-son)
(919) 962-2431