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Targeting Equity in Access to Mentoring (TEAM) ADVANCE is honored to receive a 2020 Diversity Award. The Team Advance mission is to catalyze a culture of accessible, equitable and effective mentoring across the University. We are a multi-disciplinary team of faculty, staff, and graduate students working toward lasting change to support women of color, white women, and underrepresented faculty at Carolina. TEAM ADVANCE is supported by a National Science Foundation grant (NSF Award No. 1760187). In partnership with the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Carolina Women’s Center, TEAM ADVANCE provides intersectionality-informed programs to improve mentor and mentee experiences, foster institutional change, support faculty retention, and promote faculty career development and professional achievements.

This year, TEAM ADVANCE launched several programs to support faculty at all levels:

  • The TEAM ADVANCE Peer Mentoring Circles program supports over 55 early career faculty who meet monthly in eight groups of 4-8 faculty, each led by two senior faculty who volunteer their time.
  • The Women ADVANCE Leadership cohort program for mid-career women faculty features the leadership narratives of successful women in STEM across campus. This connection provides authenticity as its 25 participants navigate their career and leadership paths at Carolina.
  • The TEAM ADVANCE Mentoring Training program, a racial and gender equity, intersectionality-informed adaptation of the Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research training model developed by our TEAM, has provided mentoring training to two cohorts, reaching over 35 faculty mentors.

The TEAM has also met with Chairs from the College of Arts and Sciences and Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Information and Library Sciences—reaching over 50 departments—in an engagement initiative to help chairs understand inequities across campus, intersectionality, and ways to best support faculty through mentoring programs.

TEAM ADVANCE funds a Special Assistant to the Provost to work at the senior leadership level to effect change by advocacy, connecting with Chairs and sharing resources that TEAM ADVANCE has developed to improve equitable faculty mentoring and support.

TEAM ADVANCE is truly a team effort that depends on partners across campus. We value the contributions of its TEAM, and of the many contributing their time and energy to our programs. Our aim is to grow this support in a sustainable way—this award signals the importance of this work and we are eager to continue to engage Carolina in Targeting Equity in Access to Mentoring.

Principal Investigators

Erin Malloy, M.D. (Lead PI)
Robert Blouin, Pharm.D.
Jay Cable, Ph.D.
Kia Caldwell, Ph.D.
Kelly Ryoo, Ph.D.

Senior Personnel

Kevin Guskiewicz, Ph.D.
Patricia Parker, Ph.D.
Gloria Thomas, Ph.D.

Additional Personnel

Jonathan Foland, M.A.
Shauna Cooper, PhD.
Susan Girdler, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Yasmin Barrios, M.P.H.
Brionca Taylor, M.A.

External Evaluation (NCSU)

Jamie Gillespie, M.Ed.
Shaun Kellogg, Ph.D.


Linda Basch, Ph.D.
Emily Boehm, Ph.D.
Sheila Kannappan, Ph.D.
June Merlino, M.Ed.

Internal Steering Committee

Rumay Alexander, Ed.D.
Kevin Jeffay, Ph.D.
Leslie Parise, Ph.D.
Ron Strauss, D.M.D., Ph.D

External Advisory Board

Christine Grant, Ph.D. (NCSU)
Yvette Huet, Ph.D. (UNC-C)
Jennifer Linderman, Ph.D. (U-Mich)
Melissa McDaniels, Ph.D. (MSU)