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Preparing for Uplift PLUS


Congratulations on your acceptance into the Uplift PLUS program!

As you prepare for this summer, please review the information below so that you are ready for a rigorous schedule:

You will receive an invitation to sign up for the Uplift PLUS Sakai site after you have paid your deposit. Sakai has all the information you need to know as you prepare for Uplift PLUS as well as assignments that need to be completed prior to Uplift PLUS. 

You will find the Resources and Assignments tabs most useful and you will find the following information:


  • Technology Recommendations
  • Payment and Assignments


  • CampDoc Forms
  • Waivers




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00am Essay Writing Course Essay Writing Course Essay Writing Course Essay Writing Course Essay Writing Course
3:00pm Campus Partner Session Campus Partner Session Cultural Competence Workshop Campus Partner Session Admissions Workshop
7:00pm Small Group Study Hall Large Group


*This is not the final schedule. These times and session placements are subject to change.