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Carolyn EbelingCarolyn is a Post-MSW Fellow at CAPS. They are originally from St. Louis, MO and moved to Carrboro, NC in 2014. Carolyn received a Bachelor of Arts in English from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from UNC’s School of Social Work. Carolyn’s professional interests include substance use, family of origin challenges, LGBTQ+ community, trauma and survivorship, relationships and transitions. Their work is informed by a variety of therapeutic modalities, and they are continuing to learn and grow.

Outside of CAPS, Carolyn enjoys running, reading and spending time with their partner and dog. Their favorite books include suspense and thriller novels.

How do you identify yourself?

Queer, trans, social worker, therapist, friend, animal lover, reader.

List three things that people would be most surprised to learn about you.

1. I learned to read when I was 3.
2. I have an extreme fear of heights and flying on planes.
3. I read over 200 books in 2020.

Whom do you admire and why?

My aunt, Rachel Ebeling, who started a nonprofit for survivors of sexual assault called The Angel Band Project. They are the country’s first music therapy program designed to treat survivors of sexual violence.