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Bianca MackBianca Mack is the Associate Dean for Equity, Admissions and Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina School of Law. She served as Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and the Director of Diversity Services at George Mason University School of Law prior to her tenure at Carolina Law.

In addition to her work at the law school, Dean Mack volunteers with the Law School Admission Council and various community organizations. Dean Mack graduated from George Mason University School of Law with a Juris Doctor. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Duke University and her MBA from DeVry University.

How do you identify yourself?

I describe myself as a cisgender female who is Black and Japanese American. I am also an adoptive mother to a Caucasian daughter and a practicing Buddhist. I am honest (to a fault), dependable, and emotionally intelligent. I like to believe I approach interpersonal interactions with compassion and an open mind.

List three things that would surprise people most about you.

  1. I curse like a sailor.
  2. I love to color with crayons.
  3. My favorite weekend activity is a pajama day with no plans.

Whom do you admire and why?

My younger brother, Carlton Mack, Jr. He is a phenomenal human being – he continues to work on personal development, and he shares his growth with others so that they can benefit from the lessons he has learned.