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Asian American Center Campaign Team

The UNC-Chapel Hill Asian American Center Campaign Team was formed in May of 2019, when a team of UNC-CH Asian American students and alumni came together with the vision of creating an Asian American Center on campus. Our team has raised over $500,000, welcomed 19 team members, obtained endorsements from student organizations across campus, and received authorization to establish an Asian American Center from UNC-CH’s Board of Trustees.

The AACC Team’s purpose is to advocate for a physical space and permanent resources that will promote Asian American culture an enrich the broader Chapel Hill community. We believe that the voices of Asian Americans deserve to be not only heard, but also promoted at UNC-CH and beyond. Through establishing permanent, University-supported resources, the AACC seeks to build community among a diverse network of Asian American Tar Heels.

We strive to (1) promote unity among diverse Asian American identities; (2) empower Asian American students to organize for institutional change; and (3) secure the necessary funds to open and sustain the AACC. Our campaign is only possible because of decades of student activism and efforts from communities of color that have worked to make Carolina a more inclusive space for all students, faculty and alumni.