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Voices: A Walking Tour

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Race and Memory at UNC

Hyde Hall, University Room 176 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

William Sturkey, associate professor in the History Department, and Danita Mason-Hogans, civil rights activist and historian, will discuss the history of race and memory at UNC-Chapel Hill from 1789 to the present, exploring the basic elements of Chapel Hill’s racial history and … Continued

Film: “In the Name of Belief”


“Indonesian Pluralities” is a film documentary series that explores the social richness and political challenge of religious, ethnic, and gender diversity in Indonesia today. Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation (New York) and created and produced by Robert Hefner and Zainal … Continued

How Healers Became Killers


Physicians played an important role as planners and implementers of Nazi racial policy. This lecture discusses how medical professionals enforced two significant aspects of Nazi policy: compulsory sterilization and the clandestine "Euthanasia" program, the Nazis’ first program of mass murder. … Continued

CGSF Carolina Connections

Graduate Student Center 211A West Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC

Join your first-gen peers for a networking social and lunch at the Graduate Student Center! This is a great chance to kick off the semester, meet new people, and unwind. Lunch will be provided. All meals will be individually wrapped … Continued

Virtual IME: Connections and Counsel


This event is for 1st and 2nd-year graduate students. Come get to know your peers and hear words of wisdom from seasoned scholars! The first half of the event will consist of a speed-friending mixer, where you will be randomly sorted into … Continued

Aisha as Adaptation of Austen’s Emma


Tristanne Connolly (University of Waterloo, Canada) will speak on Rajshree Ojha’s 2010 film Aisha as an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Emma, connecting British regency literature to modern-day Bollywood. This talk is free and open to the public and will be held virtually over … Continued