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BIPOC Leadership

A new initiative is underway to provide free executive coaching for over 90 faculty and administrative members, primarily BIPOC and other underrepresented senior- to mid-level faculty and administrators. Participants can choose from one-on-one coaching or small group sessions.

Kramer Leadership, a leadership and executive coaching firm based in Chapel Hill, will provide coaching support that participants may not have access to otherwise, to explore and problem solve the unique challenges of being a BIPOC university leader; further develop their leadership skills and acumen; handle leadership challenges and opportunities; and address other leadership situations, as warranted.

Kramer Leadership’s team of 27 coaches volunteer to participate in this annual giving project, which is valued at between $35,000-$50,000. The sessions will be provided pro bono by Kramer Leadership. This generous gift allows Carolina to make a significant investment in the professional and personal development of our diverse faculty and staff.

Matching of coaches with faculty and staff is already underway and coaching will start in August 2021. For more information, please contact