Why Does Diversity Matter in Your Organization?

Diversity presents the opportunity for creative problem solving as opposed to conflict and demonstrates that you value people within and outside of the organization.  When diversity is incorporated in your practice, it can lead to personal and professional enrichment, enhanced learning, more effective and optimal outcomes, and positive employee relations—reducing grievances, lawsuits, and incivility.

The University Office for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) can assist your organization in building its capacity to address diversity and inclusion in intentional and strategic ways. Based on your needs, our office provides a variety of services:

  • DIVERSITY EDUCATION: Build your knowledge around diversity and inclusion
  • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Learn how to integrate diversity in your existing hiring, orientation, and staff development programs
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Develop a strategy for assessing and measuring, designing programs and initiatives, and implementing efforts to promote and sustain diversity and inclusion
  • TEAM BUILDING: Create space and opportunity for your team to engage and explore diversity while building leadership skills
  • TALENT MANAGEMENT: Learn how to attract diverse college students and graduates and engage college campuses in ways that better positions your organization’s brand
  • OTHER SERVICES:  We can design an experience or services to meet your diversity needs

Our Clients

D&I has worked with diversity professionals, diversity teams or task forces, and organizations within public and private sectors. Following are comments from some of our clients:

  • “I have been hearing only enthusiastic support for the event from both faculty and graduate students. The students were particularly pleased to learn from faculty about our concerns and experiences around diversity issues. The environment you created helped make that conversation possible.”  – UNC Faculty Member
  • “I just wanted to thank you for your presentation on Diversity and Gender. The volunteers and I got a lot of your presentation and I believe your background in working with women really helped to connect the work that we do.“ – Non-Profit Administrator
  • “It was really informative and definitely made me reflect on diversity both in my own and other experiences. Great activities and very interactive discussion. A lot of diverse viewpoints.” – Post-Doctoral Scholar
  • “Based on the evaluations, the Diversity Education session truly proved to be a highlight for the [high school] students.” – Outreach Program Coordinator
  • “This workshop not only taught about diversity issues, it also made me think about diversity in an even broader way than I already was [thinking]. This will help me in my role as a leader and mentor.” — University Administrator


Please contact D&I at diversity@unc.edu to inquire about our consulting services and rates.