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Carolina Center for Public Service’s Bryan Fellowship is designed for undergraduate student teams interested in creating social change locally and/or globally by creating an innovative project that addresses a community-identified need. Fellowship recipients will enroll in a service-learning course on project management during the spring semester and receive up to $1,500 to help launch their initiative. Deadline: Oct. 18. Apply.

Public Policy & International Affairs Program (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute (JSI) prepares the next generation of diverse leaders in Public Policy and International Affairs. The rigorous seven-week program will strengthen skills in economics, statistics, policy analysis, writing and public speaking. Full tuition at JSI, a stipend of up to $1,500, University room and board, books and related course materials are included. Deadline Nov. 1. Apply.

MedServe offers a two-year fellowship that places future healthcare providers in “rock star” primary care clinics across rural and other medically underserved communities to serve in a both a clinical and community role. Includes a $22,000/yr living stipend plus $6,345/yr education award, two-233k training institute at UNC’s School of Medicine, personalized med school application prep and support, quarterly trainings across NC in Charlotte, Asheville and Greenville, and access to alumni network of providers, PA and MD students. Apply early for best clinic matches. Deadline Dec. 1. Apply.

Are you a pre-nursing student of color looking for guidance from nursing students of color? Apply to be a mentee within the Minority Nursing Student Association’s Mentor/Mentee Program to receive guidance from minority nursing students currently within UNC’s School of Nursing. Apply.

If you have a research project about sexual identity, gender identity, or gender expression that rocks our world with its brilliance (or maybe you have a friend who’s been working on phenomenal research on LGBTQIA+ communities that you know they’d want to share) you are invited to present at the LGBTQIA+ Speaker Series during the Fall semester. Presentations will be virtual and typically last 20-40 minutes with some time for Q&A over Zoom. This is an opportunity to practice a virtual research presentation with a supportive audience AND get your meaningful work out there. Your presentation will be recorded so you can add it to your portfolio. Apply.

The School of Nursing’s Harmony Study aims to improve the health of African American and Black women by incorporating elements of physical activity, healthy nutrition tips, stress management and self-care. Qualified participants identify as African American or Black women with a BMI between 25 and 39. Participants will be given a Fitbit and up to $260 for participating in the study. Info. Questions? Contact Sierra Vines at

The PROMISE Study, a collaboration between UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University and funded by the National Institutes of Health, seeks South Asian Postdoctoral Fellows involved in biomedical research (the investigation of biological/behavioral processes that advance the diagnoses, treatment or prevention of disease) who currently hold a position at UNC-Chapel Hill for a peer mentoring research study. Involves two-hour peer group meetings led by senior UR researchers twice monthly, professional development and skills-building and compensation of up to $500 for completion of online surveys. Apply.

Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) is offering Service Partnership Mini-Grants of $150-300 to Carolina students. These grants are meant to help build deeper connections between Carolina students and off-campus community partners by funding project- or event-based collaborations. Deadline: Rolling. Apply. 

CAPS is actively screening students to participate in the following two groups, specifically for Black students. Students can call CAPS at 919-966-3658 or complete the online interest form.

  • Brother to Brother – This group. facilitated by Dr. Anthony Teasdale, gives space for Black men to support each other through the journey of navigating higher education and life. This group will offer the chance to define who you want to be and to explore all the diverse facets of the human experience that can be contained within Black men. It also seeks to create a safe and trusting environment to dialogue openly and honestly about the experiences of Black men to support one another, have a space to let go of self-conscious presentation and just be “you,” facilitate empowerment and encouragement, and find healing in the company of other Black men.
  • Empowering Black Women – This group, facilitated by Dr. Erinn Scott, focuses on group members’ unique experiences to explore themes of pain, joy, healing, self-worth and acceptance (love), self-discovery, shame, stigma, anger, and discrimination in the lives of Black women. It also seeks to create a safe and trusting environment, dialogue openly and honestly about the experiences of Black women, and facilitate empowerment and encouragement.