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Alumni Spotlight: Samuel Ndukwe

January 12, 2022

Samuel Ndukwe is a first-generation Nigerian-American that accepts every challenge that comes his way. Growing up as a minority in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina was not easy, nor was the path to excellence and achievement straightforward. He learned … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Shannon Ross

November 5, 2021

Shannon Ross has taken pride in her Lumbee-American Indian culture and self-identity since she was young. Growing up in an American Indian neighborhood, surrounded by people from the same cultural background, made her grateful to be a Native. The tight-knit … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Jackie Cerón Hernández

October 8, 2021

Jackie Cerón Hernández grew up in a diverse and cultured community. Her childhood began in Estado de Mexico until her family moved to Durham, NC when she was 10 years old. With such a big adjustment at a young age, Jackie came to America embracing new opportunities. Being a minority was not easy. However, it did not deter Jackie … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Grant

March 28, 2021

Brittany Grant has been serving and supporting underrepresented communities since her undergraduate days. She currently works with the Carolina College advising corps to help ensure low-income, minority high school students have all of the resources and knowledge necessary before embarking … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Ayanna Webster

February 28, 2021

Written by Casey P. Jones Ayanna Webster has been surrounded by culture and community for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Durham, North Carolina sparked her passion for helping people in any way possible. From making tasty … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Kierra Pittman

October 19, 2020

Growing up in the small, rural town of Enfield, NC helped shape Kierra Pittman’s worldview, thus she has always recognized the importance of giving back to her community and the younger generation. She also has a passion for the art … Continued

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Ronda Bullock

September 21, 2020

Anti-Racism is not a new fight to Dr. Ronda Bullock. She has made a continuous impact on people, specifically children, on the importance of disruptive peace. Being a Black woman in the predominately white, small, rural town of Goldston, NC … Continued