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Numerous news outlets offer resources regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, how it is impacting higher education and how we are facing it as a society. Links below will take you to thought provoking articles.

The Well (September 16, 2020), When Pandemic Life Gets Awkward (Jane Calloway). Carolina experts offer tips for navigating the new normal on campus and around town – with patience and compassion.

LGBTQ+ Student and Allies in Public Health, School of Public Health Prevention Research Center, University of Maryland, COVID-19-Related Stress Among LGBTQ+ University Students: Results of a U.S. National Survey (John P. Salerno, MPH, M Pease, Jackson Devadas, Bryanna Nketia, Jessica N. Fish, PhD) Brief Report summarizing basic needs, academic and financial-related challenges felt by LGBTQ+ students in the U.S. during COVID-19., Self-care and Privilege during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Ashlynn Polanco and Kate Loving) Webinar information and response to who is omitted from the selfcare narrative.

UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (June 16, 2020), Surviving Racism and COVID-19 in Rural Warren County, NC (Rev. William Kearney, Warrenton, NC) – Blog about how African Americans living in rural communities are carrying extra burdens during COVID-19 resulting from years of system racism and neglect.

UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (June 16, 2020), COVID-19: The Lesser of Two Evils (Tiki Windley) – Blog about the impact of COVID-19 on Black mothers.

Insight Into Diversity (April 8, 2020), Diverse Group of Women Academics Launch “Dear Pandemic” Facebook Page (Ginger O’Donnell) – Nine women PhDs are leveraging their expertise as public health researchers and educators by operating a Facebook page known as Dear Pandemic to provide the public with evidence-based answers about COVID-19.

The Chronicle of Higher Education (April 23, 2020), Here’s a List of Colleges’ Plans for Reopening in the Fall – The coronavirus pandemic has left higher education leaders facing difficult decisions about when to reopen their campuses and how to go about it. The Chronicle is tracking individual colleges’ plans. Currently, the vast majority say they are planning for an in-person fall semester.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (May 4, 2020), A Panel Explores What Higher Education Could Look Like in a Post-Coronavirus World (Sara Weissman) – Will higher education return to normal after the pandemic, or will it emerge forever changed? This panel discusses how the coronavirus has impacted higher education across borders and what colleges and universities might learn from the crisis.

The Chronicle of Higher Education (May 7, 2020), The Coronavirus Enrollment Crash – Five admissions leaders on the pandemic’s impact – and what can be done about it.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (May 7, 2020), Advocates Push for COVID-19 Benefits for Working College Students (Pearl Stewart) – What support is available for student workers who have lost much-needed income due to the pandemic?

Inside Higher Ed (May 11, 2020), Preventing the Collapse of Higher Education (William G. Tierney) – The option of students returning to campus in the fall is not viable, regardless of the economic implications.

Inside Higher Ed (May 11, 2020), COVID-19 is Making Us Rethink Everything (Raechele L. Pope) – Eight recommendations for creating and maintaining affirming and student-centered advising for PhDs in uncertain times.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (May 11, 2020), As Universities Tighten Budgets During the Coronavirus, What Will Happen to Diversity Initiatives? (Sara Weissman) – In a two-part webinar, university leaders and diversity professionals in higher education share their concerns about the impact of the coronavirus on funding for diversity efforts.