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Achieving Carolina Excellence (ACE)

Due to COVID restrictions, ACE will not be held in its traditional format until your safety can be ensured. The safety and well-being of everyone at Carolina are our top priority. Therefore, we are offering ACE as a series of sessions held over the Fall semester, instead of the traditional two-day experience.


Family at ACE banquetAchieving Carolina Excellence (ACE) is a program originally designed to assist first-year and transfer students from underrepresented populations with their transition to Carolina. ACE provides incoming students with the tools needed to ensure their academic, social and emotional success at Carolina 

This year, ACE will not be exclusively for incoming first-year and transfer students, but open to all Carolina undergraduate students. 


Family at ACE banquetBy participating in ACE, students will: 

  • Engage in sessions designed to spark academic curiosity, encourage multiculturalism and facilitate the enhancement of strong cultural identity and positive self-esteem 
  • Gain direct access to campus resources, support services and other matriculated students
  • Engage in sessions with University administration, faculty and staff 


Please check this space for updated ACE information.