2017 cohort of Uplift PLUS students

Uplift PLUS (UP) is a five-week program that takes place during Carolina’s Summer Session II. This program is only for NC residents. High-achieving Project Uplift participants are selected based on their outstanding Project Uplift applications. During the program, participants live on campus, attend SAT/ACT coaching sessions, and take English 100 (3 credits). To further expand participants’ knowledge of different academic and career fields, Uplift PLUS students gain exposure to units across the campus community.

In addition to serving as daily program advisors, UP staff members serve as tutors and program facilitators. As a participant, you will also have an opportunity to engage with important campus resources throughout the summer.

Uplift PLUS Program Goals

Uplift PLUS will challenge you to explore your academic potential through in-class learning, one-on-one mentoring by UNC students, and direct instruction by UNC faculty. In addition to the rigorous academic component of Uplift PLUS, you will receive advanced leadership training and cultural competence development. By the conclusion of Uplift PLUS, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of individual learning styles;
  • Apply strategies from Project Uplift to a live classroom setting;
  • Develop a personal leadership style;
  • Understand the importance of research; and
  • Receive academic support and development.

Uplift PLUS At-a-Glance

In addition to the academic experience, Uplift PLUS participants engage in social and cultural activities. From research to leadership development, you will participate in a wide variety of thought-provoking experiences. You will also engage in conversations about identity, cultural competency, and other topics impacting our community, nation, and world. The projects, visits, and conversations are designed to enrich your mindset, critical thinking skills, and overall ability to navigate any college or university setting.

Students Recall their Uplift PLUS Experience

“Uplift PLUS has given me an enriching experience like no other. From taking a rigorous course, learning about diversity, and bonding with counselors and students I have already grown so much.” – Alex Mauney, 2017 participant

“Uplift PLUS is not just a program; it’s a family.” – Shannon Smith, 2017 participant

“The most important part of Uplift PLUS was the character development implemented through discussion and relationships. This theme taught participants how to be effective students and citizens. Having a diverse but relatable community allowed students to voice and hear concerns usually held inside. This open community allowed for people to love who they are and appreciate the qualities others possess as well. Through this environment, participants were able to develop into not only better students, but better people.” – Alton Peques, Uplift PLUS 2014, UNC Class of 2019

“Initially, I wanted to decline this invitation, but I did a lot of self-reflection and realized that I simply could not pass up this amazing opportunity, so I accepted it. I can honestly say that I have never made a better decision. The amazing people, relationships and bonds I formed mean so much to me. The academic environment, while stressful at times, has truly given me a glimpse of college life, making me even more excited to go to college.” – M. Jacobs, Uplift PLUS 2014, UNC Class of 2019

“Socially, this program has helped me to reflect on myself and improve who I am as an individual, and has helped me build on my skills as a leader. Culturally, I have learned how to not only accept and be comfortable with my background, but to be aware, competent and accepting of others’ background, as well.” – A. Hamilton, Uplift PLUS 2014, UNC Class of 2019

“The most important part of the program for me was forming a relationship and understanding of the counselors. Doing this gave me a better grasp of what it is really like to be a student at Carolina Admissions and Project Uplift gave me a sense of the generic student at UNC. UP gave me specific examples, day in and day out, of different types of UNC students’ lives.” – E. Morris, Uplift PLUS 2014, UNC Class of 2019

Uplift PLUS 2018

Program Date: June 24 – July 27, 2018

You will be notified of your acceptance into Uplift PLUS within a week of your Project Uplift notification (in a separate communication).

Please log on to the Uplift PLUS Sakai site to complete required assignments.

Please go to Preparing for Uplift PLUS for information about packing, housing and schedules.

If you have any questions, please contact us at project_uplift@unc.edu or 919-843-6086.

Program Staff

Stanton Fields
Uplift PLUS Student Coordinator

Stanton Fields is a junior from Henderson, North Carolina, majoring in Exercise and Sports Science and Communications. As the Academy Development Coordinator, Stanton is tasked with organizing recruitment and outreach programs through the University Office for Diversity & Inclusion. These programs include Uplift PLUS, Carolina ADMIRES, Tar Heel Preview Day and middle school outreach.

Rachel Tates

Rachel Tates
Recruitment Programs Specialist/ Uplift PLUS Director

Rachel Tates is the recruitment programs specialist with the Inclusive Student Excellence (ISE) team within D&I. In her role, Tates coordinates ISE’s signature access programs such as Project Uplift, North Carolina Renaissance (NCR) and Decision Days for high achieving high school students from underrepresented groups and for incoming first-year students, as well as current Carolina undergraduates programs such as Achieving Carolina Excellence and Beyond Carolina.