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All Project Uplift sessions are two days. Below is a sample of the various experiences and events that occur during each Project Uplift session.

  • Opening Session: TheUODI Student Access and Success team along with our student ambassadors will give you a brief welcome and overview of Project Uplift.
  • Essay Writing: Get tips and insight on what to include in your essay and how to make it stand out for your college application.
  • Group Meet-Up: Meet with current UNC students/your Project Uplift Counselors and connect with your peers in small group sessions filled with conversations and interpersonal connections.
  • SAT/ACT for Me: Learn important tips and tricks to raising your SAT or ACT scores, with A+ Test Prep.
  • Scholarship & Student Aid: Learn the ins and outs about paying for college, with UNC financial aid counselors.
  • Admissions: Learn all about UNC and the admissions process with information from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Virtual Game Rooms: Participate in virtual and interactive games with your peers and Project Uplift Counselors.
  • Talent Show: Performances from Project Uplift participants – singing, spoken word, poetry, dancing, instrument playing and more.
  • Throwdown Thursday: Music and dancing with your fellow participants.
  • Day Starter: Ice breakers and time to connect with your fellow group members before starting the activities for the day.
  • Wrap Up Session: Your last group meet-up, but it is not goodbye! Here is where we say thank you for joining us for Project Uplift, and we take a brief break, then rejoin the large group for the Talent Show and Throwdown Thursday.


Project Uplift 2021 Schedule

Day 1

Session Time Frame
Opening Session 1:00PM – 1:10PM
Admissions Session 1:15PM – 2:00PM
Essay Writing Session/Small Group Session 2:10PM – 2:55PM
Group Meet Ups 5:30PM – 5:50PM
Virtual Game Rooms 6:00PM – 6:50PM
Virtual Game Rooms 7:00PM – 7:50PM
Talent Show Auditions 7:00PM – 7:50PM



Day 2

Session Time Frame
Day Starter 1:00PM – 1:10PM
Scholarship and Student Aid Session 1:15PM – 1:45PM
SAT/ACT Prep 2:00PM – 2:45PM
Wrap Up Session 2:50PM – 3:00PM
Talent Show 6:00PM – 6:50PM
Throwdown Thursday 7:00PM – 8:15PM


This Project Uplift 2021 schedule is subject to change.