Frequently Asked Questions for Students

  1. When will Project Uplift applications be available?
    Project Uplift applications for 2020 will be available on December 15, 2019
  2. When is the deadline to apply?
  3. The deadline to apply for Project Uplift and Uplift PLUS is February 24, 2020, 11:59 PM EST.
  4. Does my guidance counselor have to nominate me to PU?
    No. Nomination forms are no longer required for Project Uplift and Uplift Plus
  5. I applied for Project Uplift online. What’s next?
    After completing your online application, you will see a confirmation message. You will be notified of our decision by end-March 2020.
  6. I’m an out-of-state student. Can I apply to Project Uplift?
    Yes. Out-of-state students may apply to Project Uplift.
  7. I’m not an ethnic minority. Can I come to Project Uplift?
    Yes. Project Uplift is for high achieving students who are leaders in their communities and schools. Although we target students from historically underrepresented populations, if you have a strong interest in learning more about UNC, we welcome your application as well.
  8. Why should I apply to Project Uplift?
    Project Uplift is a two-day program that introduces you to the Carolina experience. You will learn first-hand of UNC’s educational, cultural and social life, while engaging with undergraduate student leaders.
  9. What actually happens at Project Uplift?
    You will have an opportunity to attend classes, talk with professors, meet students and participate in social, recreational and cultural events. You will also learn about admissions procedures and how to afford a college education.
  10. What are the benefits of attending Project Uplift?
    Project Uplift allows you to experience Carolina for yourself and gain essential information. Project Uplift will challenge and encourage you to become a leader. You will leave wanting to know more about yourself and others and how to make the college experience work for you.
  11. Where will I stay if I am accepted into Project Uplift?
    Living arrangements are provided in a University Residence Hall where you will share a room with another Project Uplift participant. Each participant will learn of their room assignment and roommate at on-site registration.
  12. Is there a fee for attending Project Uplift?
    Students accepted into Project Uplift must pay a $45 non-refundable processing fee.  Fee waivers are available upon request.
  13. Will Project Uplift guarantee my admission to UNC?
    No. However, Project Uplift is one of many ways to learn the “ins & outs” of UNC and to help you throughout the application process.
  14. How do I upload my transcript to the application?
    Ask your high school counselor to email your transcript and then upload the file as an attachment to the application. Or, scan and email yourself a copy of your transcript and upload the file as an attachment to the application. If you are having trouble, email the transcript to and submit the application without the transcript.
  15. When will I find out if I was chosen for Uplift Plus?
    You will receive a separate communication regarding Uplift PLUS. You may be requested to participate in a virtual interview before admission to the program.
  16. When do I complete the payment? Payment for Project Uplift is due at registration, not during application submission
  17. What are the PU 2020 Program Dates?
    May 21-23
    May 28-May 30
    June 4-6
    June 11-13
  18. What are the Uplift Plus 2020 Program Dates?
    June 21-July 24