Frequently Asked Questions 

Project Uplift

  1. I am having trouble registering – what do I do? Contact Undergraduate Admissions at (919) 966-3621 or
  2. Do I need to notify Project Uplift if I am traveling by bus, train or air? Email and fill out this form at
  3. Does Project Uplift arrange and/or provide transportation from stations or airport? Families must arrange their own transportation. RDU Taxi runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to and from RDU airport. A typical fare from RDU to Chapel Hill is around $40.00 each way. Lyft and Uber are also popular ride services that service the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.
  4. Does Project Uplift provide financial assistance for travel? Project Uplift does not provide transportation assistance.
  5. Does Project Uplift provide waivers for the $45 fee? Email to request a waiver.
  6. Will I know who I am rooming with before I come to Project Uplift? Roommate assignments are made at on-site check-in.
  7. Can I request to room with my friend? All roommates are assigned at check-in. If you have extenuating circumstances re: medical, religious, etc. please email
  8. What actually happens at Project Uplift? You will have an opportunity to attend classes, talk with professors, meet students and participate in social, recreational and cultural events. You will also learn about admissions procedures and how to afford a college education.
  9. What are the benefits of attending Project Uplift? Project Uplift allows students to experience Carolina for themselves and gain essential information. Project Uplift will challenge and encourage you to become a leader. You will leave wanting to know more about yourself and others and how to make the college experience work for you.
  10. Will Project Uplift guarantee my admission to UNC? No, however, Project Uplift is one of many ways to learn the “ins & outs” of college life, in general.
  11. I have registered for Project Uplift but I need to change my date – how do I do this? Return to your registration confirmation email and there is an option to cancel your registration and register for a different date. If you have any issues, please email
  12. I am having trouble filling out the Medical Release form/ I have a question about something on the form? Email or call 919-843-6086.
  13. I am having trouble paying my $45 online – what do I do? Email or call 919-843-6086.
  14. I have registered for Project Uplift, paid my fee and filled out my medical release form – what now? You are all set. Review the Preparing for Project Uplift page for information about what to bring and more.

Uplift PLUS

  1. How can I participate in Uplift PLUS?
    Uplift PLUS participants are selected based on the original Project Uplift applications.
  2. How is Uplift PLUS different from Project Uplift? Uplift PLUS occurs after Project Uplift and includes a 5-week summer course.  The summer course is an official UNC course and all participants will receive 3 credit hours by the completion of the program.
  3. Is there a cost to attend Uplift PLUS? Yes.  Accepted participants are required to pay tuition and program fees. The total cost is $1800. Scholarships are available – email for more information.
  4. I was accepted into Uplift PLUS – how do I register? Register via the link in your acceptance email. To register, you have to pay a $250 nonrefundable deposit.
  5. I paid my $250 deposit, how much do I owe now and how do I pay it? The $250 is subtracted from your total amount due. If you did not receive a scholarship – your remaining balance is $1550. You may pay this by check or money order.
  6. I am having trouble registering – what do I do? Email or call 919-843-6086.
  7. Does Uplift PLUS provide financial assistance for travel? Uplift PLUS does not provide transportation assistance.
  8. Where do Uplift PLUS participants live during the 5-week program? Uplift PLUS participants live on campus for the duration of the program. There is a break during the July 4th holiday when all participants are required to leave campus. Participants may also choose one other weekend to return home.
  9. How will I know if I am selected for Uplift PLUS? You will receive a notification from the program director in March regarding Uplift PLUS.
  10. Can I participate in Uplift PLUS without participating in Project Uplift? No.  The Project Uplift program is a critical pre-requisite to Uplift PLUS.
  11. All other questions. Email or call 919-843-6086.