Students celebrating at CLC's End of Year party


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The Carolina Latinx Collaborative (CLC) is committed to developing a greater awareness of Latinx issues, cultures and identities by building collaborative relationships across campus and the community. Through these relationships, the CLC has created a network that connects various groups on campus involved in academic and cultural projects and programs. The CLC provides a supportive environment for students, faculty, staff and alumni to discuss and understand important issues that affect the Latinx community. We provide a welcoming space for Latinx students through resources and services that foster and enrich their academic, social and cultural experience.

Our programs include:

  • Latinx Mentoring Program (LMP) for all incoming Latinx students
  • Pulso
  • CLC Open House during the Week of Welcome: Fall 2017
  • Latinx Heritage Month: September 15 – October 15 (a national tribute to the generations of Latinx who have influenced and enriched our country)
  • Latinx Alumni Reunion: Fall 2017
  • Celebrating Latinx Culture Day Spring 2018 (an opportunity to make an impact in the community)
  • 2018 Éxitos Recognition Reception

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