Adri2croppedAdrianne Gibilisco is D&I’s Communications Specialist, bringing with her a wealth of experience as a wordsmith in a variety of fields. Her skills as a writer and publicist were honed over many years logged as a music journalist, and as head of her entertainment PR firm, Stone Communications.  An award-winning screenwriter and celebrated journalist, she has also edited books, written radio show scripts, and edited radio news. In addition, she crafted the script for Smart Sex, the AIDS Awareness video currently used in the Los Angeles Unified School district to educate students about AIDS/HIV; edited Countering Terrorism & WMD: Creating a Global Counter-Terrorism Network (Katona), a historical analysis of bioterrorism; and, serves as co-director for the Center of Multi-Media Educational Technology (COMMET).

Prior to joining D&I, Adrianne worked at UNC’s LGBTQ Center, where she crafted press releases, wrote the weekly newsletter, and developed the Alumni publication, Aluminate. “Much of the work there was about creating visibility, promoting activism and facilitating positive change for underserved and underrepresented populations…which is very similar to the focus of D&I. I am looking forward to continuing in that arena and extending the reach of D&I beyond the campus community,” she says.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Becoming a member of the D&I team allows Adrianne to work alongside people who share a passion for supporting academic excellence. “The programming we do at D&I, from NC Renaissance and Project Uplift, to MLK events, THINKPosium, Dia de Bienvenida, Native Heels Day, and countless other celebrations of diversity and differing identities is incredible. We engage, elevate and support our students on their entire journey, from before they matriculate at Carolina, throughout their UNC experience and when they become alumni. Most of the communications and marketing designed to enhance this objective comes through D&I’s office. I’m so thrilled to be collaborating on presenting our message.”

A New York escapee (whose greatest challenge since moving south has been curbing her NY sarcasm), Adrianne is also thrilled to have an oasis for healthy outdoor living. She can often be found with her husband and daughter, kayaking at a nearby lake, hiking on the many trails, or biking on the neighborhood streets.