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The first strategic initiative of Carolina Next is “Build Our Community Together.” The objectives of this initiative are:

  • Invest in policies, systems, and infrastructure that promote belonging, community and transparency throughout the University community.
  • Enhance the educational benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion through effective student recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation.
  • Prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching, research and service, and in hiring, evaluation, retention and promotion of underrepresented faculty and staff.

Numerous forums were held with faculty, staff and students in late 2019 to determine what the priorities of this initiative should be.

Click here for detailed information about Build Our Community Together (BOCT).

Vice Provost for Equity & Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Leah Cox and Chief of Staff for the Chancellor Dr. Amy Locklear Hertel are Co-Captains of “Build Our Community Together.”


BOCT Leads

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