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The tenth episode of The Daily Tar Heel’s podcast, Heel Talk, addressed racial equity and police brutality toward Black Americans. Interim Chief Diversity Officer Sibby Anderson-Thompkins joined senior class president Chriss Suggs, incoming Black Student Movement president Tamiya Troy and Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Outreach committee chairpersons Chaz Crosby and Maya Logan for a discussion hosted by DTH’s Evely Forte.

Dr. Anderson-Thompkins announced the formation of a University Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council, which was charged by the Provost in late May. She said, “This will actually allow us to begin to build some accountability, to begin to build some structure that will help us in addressing some of the policies and practices that impact students, their access, their opportunities, their success and also the way that we regular community standards.”

The podcast and a full transcript of the discussion can be found HERE.

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