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Chancellor Carol L. Folt announced the four-part plan voted by the Board of Trustees on Dec. 3 to meet the University of North Carolina Board of Governors (BOG) charge “to propose a plan for disposition and preservation of the Confederate Monument that is consistent with current law, protects public safety, preserves the monument and its history and allows the University to focus on its core mission of education, research, economic stimulation and creating the next generation of leaders.”

The four parts of the plan are as follows:

  • Part 1: Relocating the monument – the preference for the safest option that both preserves the statue and allows for its contextualization and public access is to locate the artifacts to a secure off-campus site, such as the North Carolina Museum of History. The best legal option recommended is to create a University History and Education Center in Odum Village for housing the artifacts.
  • Part 2: Continuing and expanding efforts to add historical contextualization to campus, such as restoring the Unsung Founders Memorial, fully contextualizing McCorkle Place and creating digital historical materials.
  • Part 3: Establishing a University History and Education Center. This will satisfy the resolution passed by the BOT in 2015 by creating a “public space to house a permanent collection of UNC’s history.”
  • Part 4: Creating a new McCorkle Place Gateway. This involves creation of a commemorative space for reflection on our past, present and future. It will be located in the area currently occupied by the base of the monument.

Details about the Four-Part Plan can be found here.

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