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Finalist: Angum Check (Winner)

Portrait of Angum Check. Angum is a Black woman with blue and black braids. She is wearing a blue dress, a five-layer pearl necklace, and earrings and is standing outside smiling at the camera.
Angum is a junior Cameroonian immigrant from Prince Georges County, Maryland. She is studying Philosophy and African Studies with a PPE minor (Political Science, Philosophy and Economics).

Check is the co-founder and director of Magik G.L.O.W. (Girls Learning and Owning their Worth), a mentorship program for Black girls at McDougle Middle School supported by the APPLES Robert E. Bryan Fellowship grant. Check has served in multiple roles under the Diversity & Inclusion office, including the Minority Student Recruitment Committee, Achieving Carolina Excellence Committee for two years, and she was a Project Uplift counselor. She is the co-chair of Black Congress, a training fellow for Ignite NC, as well as a Sean Douglas Leadership for the Sonja Haynes Stone Center and Buckley Public Service Scholar.

Check is passionate about serving marginalized peoples through mentorship, service, activism, and organizing. She hopes to be a civil rights or educational lawyer and one day open her own clinic to serve marginalized communities directly.

Finalist Jacky Zheng

Portrait of Jacky Zheng. Jacky is an Asian man with short black hair. He is wearing a brown plaid scarf and black sweater and standing against a tree trunk surrounded by snow.
Jacky is a junior from Wilmington, North Carolina, studying Biology and Chinese with a Chemistry minor.

Jacky is the co-founder of the Mandarin Interpreting Program at the Student Health Action Coalition Clinic, a local clinic that provides free health services to underinsured members of the community. He also serves as director of campus development and selection board member for the Eve Carson Memorial Scholarship; scholarship ambassador for the Office of Scholarship and Student Aid; lesson planning committee member for UNC Sciencedays; English tutor for ENRICH; an Honors Carolina student; a Buckley Public Service scholar; a Pogue scholar, and works part-time as an EMT.

Driven by his own family’s experiences with health care inaccessibility, Jacky’s passion for service is directed towards improving health care access to underserved and marginalized members of his community. With his Mandarin Interpreting Program, the SHAC clinic is now able to provide care to Mandarin-speaking patients of our community that the clinic was previously forced to turn away. Jacky plans to attend medical school and serve as a physician in rural communities.

Finalist: Johnny Vang

Portrait of Johnny Vang. Johnny is an Asian man with short black hair. He is wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie. He is leaning against a column outside and smiling at the camera.
Johnny is a junior from Hickory, North Carolina, studying Biology and Political Science.

Vang is president of the North Carolina Health Careers Access Program’s Health Careers Club and a former United States Youth Ambassador to the United Nations where he advocated for international health care and health care as a human right at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. As president of the Health Careers Club,  Vang orchestrated a free health care event called “Health on the Block” which gathered health professionals from Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham to provide services free of charge. He is the only student member on the UNC Council on Scientific Enrichment; member of the Order of the Golden Fleece; and, an associate member of the Sigma Xi International Research Honor Society.  Vang’s mission is to dismantle the health care disparities that exist in the US health care system and to promote universal health care.

He plans to attend medical school to become a cardiologist and serve in the United States Medical Corps.

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