Carolina’s Diversity Plan

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Carolina’s Pan-University Diversity Plan

The University’s Diversity Plan was implemented in Fall 2006. The plan is designed to strengthen Carolina’s commitment to diversity by establishing a common set of goals for University leaders and an avenue for sharing related strategies and outcomes.

The Diversity Plan requires that schools and units develop goals and objectives based on the five diversity goals, identify action steps to accomplish these objectives, and conduct evaluations of the unit’s accomplishments of the goals or objectives.

The necessity of an institutional diversity plan emerged from the findings and recommendations of the 2005 Chancellor’s Task Force on Diversity. The Task Force assessment concluded that while diversity clearly resonated as an important value for Carolina, the University community did not actually share a common understanding of diversity across the campus or of diversity priorities.To address this concern, the Task Force recommended that the University adopt common diversity goals and develop a plan to ensure accountability for achieving these goals.Diversity and Multicultural Affairs was given the responsibility, in consultation with the campus community,of formulating a diversity plan that includes annual benchmarks and evaluation methods for implementation and review. This plan would also establish an annual reporting process for sharing campus-wide efforts to address common diversity goals. For a copy of the 2006-2010 Diversity Plan Baseline Report in PDF form please click here.

For a copy of the current Diversity Plan Report in PDF form please click here.

Follow the links below for more information about the scope, potential benchmarks and action steps for each goal.

Goal 1

Clearly define and publicize the University’s commitment to diversity.

Goal 2

Achieve the critical masses of underrepresented populations necessary to ensure the educational benefits of diversity in faculty, staff, students and executive, administrative and managerial positions.

Goal 3

Make high quality diversity education, orientation, and training available to all members of the university community.

Goal 4

Create and sustain a climate in which respectful discussions of diversity are encouraged and take leadership in creating opportunities for interaction and cross group learning.

Goal 5

Support further research to advance the University’s commitment to diversity and to assess the ways in which diversity advances the University’s mission.

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