Project Uplift Reunion Celebrates 45 Years

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Project Uplift CounselorsIn 1969 a group of students came together to create a unique and necessary program to enhance the diversity the student population at UNC-Chapel Hill. The program was Project Uplift. Now 45 years later, the two-night, three-day program has become a unifying factor for many Tar Heels even before they began their studies at Carolina. In recognition of 45 years of excellence, and the difference it made in their lives, all Project Uplift alumni are invited to celebrate their unity and attend the PU 45 anniversary celebration.

Among UNC-Chapel Hill’s incredibly diverse student population, there is one experience that united many Tar Heels before they even began their studies: Project Uplift.  The recruitment program run by Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is now in its forty-fifth year, and Project Uplift alumni are invited to attend the anniversary celebration on May 2-3, 2014.

“Thirteen years ago I attended a program that changed my life,” says Ada Wilson Suitt, Director of Inclusive Student Excellence at UNC Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (DMA). “Project Uplift has played an incredible role in my educational, professional, personal, and social development, and my story is not unique.”

The program invites rising high school seniors from diverse backgrounds to live on campus for two days, where they have the opportunity to visit classes and meet with students and instructors. “Through the leadership of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Project Uplift has provided guidance and support for thousands of students,” Wilson goes on.  “I am honored to continue this legacy and honor the great work of pioneers who laid the foundation for this transformative experience.”

Attendees are exposed to the social and intellectual life of the University, as well as the many ways in which they can become leaders at Carolina.  For PU alumna Angel Washington ’16, the question of how to give back was easily answered—she became a PU counselor and is now the on-campus coordinator elect.  “Project Uplift is the reason I have a Carolina story,” she says.  “As a high school student I saw how much of a family PU staff was, and the effect they had on me was unbelievable. I knew I wanted to be standing on the other side.  PU 45 will be a time of celebrating 45 years of changing the lives of thousands of students.”

Various Carolina student groups and organizations will present a cultural show on Friday, May 2, with a ceremony and brunch the following day.  Dr. Archie Ervin ’99 (PhD) will deliver a keynote speech, and attendees will have the opportunity to network with fellow alumni, as well as share and discuss their Project Uplift experiences. Visit the celebration web page here to view the full schedule of events.

In addition to being coordinated by DMA, Project Uplift is also made possible by organizations like the Black Student Movement, Carolina Indian Circle, and the Carolina Hispanic Association. University departments such as the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, University Career Services, the Learning Center, Campus Health Services, and Student Affairs offices are also major contributors to the success of this program.  Go to the Diversity and Multicultural student site to learn more.

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