Trainings and Workshops

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trainingSD_smallWe work closely with university departments, units and organizations to develop relevant training programs. In addition we also offer

  • collaborative partnerships in the planning of programs that advance issues of diversity in the campus and community
  • consultation on diversity strategic plans and initiatives for units who wish to engage in embracing diversity best practices on a organizational level
  • diversity education workshops for units and groups that increase diversity awareness, incorporate practice and create dialogue.

There is no cost for the facilitators and the delivery of the education session for on campus units/ departments/ groups. Requesting groups are asked to provide copies of materials to be distributed and securing a program venue. We request an audience of at least 10. Please submit all training requests at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Request a training here!

What topics does Diversity Education address?

  • Diversity in Hiring: (2 hours) This workshop is co-hosted by UNC Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and the Office for Equal Opportunity and explores the recruitment, search, hiring, and retention process through a diversity and equity lens.  This collaborative effort offers participants with practical and theoretical approaches to conducting a search, while operating within the scope of EEO, Affirmative Action, and other UNC policies and institutional commitments.   Search committees have the opportunity to enhance the standard of excellence at UNC through connecting with an exceptional, diverse group of candidates.  UNC recruitment and hiring practices should reflect our institutional mission to lead change and to impact a diverse community of students to become the next generation of leaders.
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