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Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is a unit in the Division of Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement and serves as the diversity arm of the University.

Our Vision

To build and sustain an inclusive campus community that values and respects all members of the University community.

Our Mission

To provide university-wide leadership in creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment that empowers the development of engaged and culturally competent global citizens.

We serve as an advocate in promoting diversity and inclusion, shaping University diversity related policies, and executing University diversity goals.  Through the efforts of our staff, and in collaboration with campus and community partners, DMA will act as an institutional and educational resource to support the University’s mission by leading efforts to conceptualize, assess, and cultivate diversity and inclusion.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill understands that diversity is a critical element of Carolina’s pursuit of academic excellence, and has a strong commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive community.

What We Do

  • Leadership for university-wide diversity plan
  • Policy review and monitoring of institutional diversity
  • Diversity education, training and consultation
  • Assessment and research of diversity issues
  • Recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Multicultural programming and leadership
  • Diversity resource development

DMA Portfolio

Our Six Strategic Areas

  1. Infrastructure—Position DMA’s staffing, resources, systems, and programs to meet institutional, local, and national trends and needs
  2. Campus Culture and Climate—Develop and implement high quality, campus-wide experiences that model promising practices, engage campus and community constituents, and contribute to the creation of an inclusive institutional culture and climate
  3. Student Outreach, Engagement and Success—Enhance existing recruitment and engagement activities to increase diverse student enrollment and develop student success and retention programs for current students to narrow existing achievement gaps
  4. Assessment, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice—Develop assessment and research practices that support evidence-based programming and position DMA as an internal and external resource for evidence-based diversity and inclusion approaches
  5. Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention—Develop and employ a more focused approach to recruiting diverse faculty and staff talent, creating inclusive pathways for growth and development and demonstrating Carolina’s commitment to being a place where all faculty and staff can thrive and succeed
  6. External Relations and Community Engagement—Develop, strengthen and enhance DMA’s relationships with external partners, alumni, and the community

**Click Here for an Expansive View of Our 2013-16 Strategic Areas**

Meet our Team

DMA prides every member of its team. Our staff and students are constantly engaged in shaping diversity initiatives on this campus. Meet our wonderful staffers!

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